Rainier ST 175/80/13 Tire 8 Ply LRD


175/80/13 Rainier ST Radial Tire
8 Ply Load Range D
Single: 1610lbs @ 65 Psi
Duel: 1430lbs @ 65 Psi


This high quality trailer tire features a 6 year limited warranty with roadside assistance for peace of mind. The Rainier ST was designed with original equipment manufacturers in mind. With a light truck inspired tread pattern, added durability, high load capacity, and can withstand the rigorous demands of ST tires.

  • Strong sidewalls to protect against accidental cuts and wear
  • Wider center rib for improved wet traction and lower rolling resistance
  • Solid main tread blocks on tread to enhance self-cleaning ability
  • Varied tread pitch designed to reduce road noise
  • Integrated tread blades designed to enhance tires road grip in all weather
  • Improved heat dissipation with extended tread life